Our team


Yasmin Ullah

Yasmin is a Rohingya from the township of Buthidaung in Rakhine state. She has personally lived in a refugee camp in Thailand prior to migrating to Canada. Yasmin's courage and reletntlss efforts on the cause is an example of Rohingya women in leadership. She is the president of our network.

Saima Jamal

Saima is a renowned activist who is highly engaged with multiple communities in southern Alberta. She has won numerous awards for her services to civil society organizations in and around Calgary. She has traveled to the Rohingya refugee camps following the 2017 exodus, and has advocated on the plight of the Rohingya ever since her return.  


Memuna Moola

Memuna has lived a good part of her life in Burma before migrating to the UK and then Canada. She has written a book on her experiences as a minority in Burma under the military regime, entitled "Where Flowers Bloom". Memuna has led rallies, spoken at universities, and given numerous interviews to mainstream media on the plight of the Rohingya.

Humaira Jaleel

Humaira leads several organizations in Winnipeg that focus on advocacy for social justice and equality. She is outspoken on the issues surrounding aboriginal communities, newcomers and immigrants. She has led rallies for the Rohingya, organized talk sessions, and engaged other organizations to become a voice for the Rohingya.


Jean Francois Tardif

Fareed Khan

Sadia Masroor

Latiff Ahmed

Sabina Rosegold


Ian Armstrong

Ian is a writer, a school teacher, an organic farmer, and a father of 2 most beautiful children by profession! He organized the first rally for the Rohingya in Halifax where civil society organizations from diverse communities successfully particpated in solidarity with the Rohingya. Ian has also helped bring the plight of the Rohingya to the attention of various faith groups in Nova Scotia.

Mohammed Ehsan

Ehsan is a PhD candidate at Dalhousie University. He has written and published on the Rohingya issue, and has spoken at rallies and other events raising the awareness of the Rohingya in Nova Scotia. Ehsan also brings well established connections with Bangladeshi civil society organizations that are active at the Rohingya refugee camps near Cox Bazar.


Shudeepto Ariquzzaman

Shudeep is a former journalist of the Daily Star, one of the largest English newspapers in Bangladesh. He has spent extensive time studying and covering the Rohingya issue not only with the Daily Star, but also with other international English newspapers. Shudeep is the director of the testimonies collection efforts on the grounds, at the camps, in Bangladesh.

Raïss Tinmaung

Raïss is a Rohingya from Toronto. He is an Aerospae Systems Engineer by profession. He has lived and volunteered in long term development projects in South America, the Carribean, Southern Africa, and the Middle East. At Rohingya Human Rights Network, Raïss is the Canadian liaison for the testimonies collection effort at the refugee camps.