RHRN in the media | le rdpr dans le média

2019-05-22 The Hill Times - Extremism is not far from home - RHRN authored

2019-04-11 Winnipeg Free Press - New exhibit to focus on Rohingya - RHRN interviewed

2019-03-21 Institut Philippe Kirsch: Q&A session with Raïss Tinmaung about the Rohingya Situation

2019-02-11 Middle East Eye: Rohingya activists bemoan failure of Muslim countries - RHRN interviewed


2019-01-17 AM Radio: RHRN spokesperson Fareed Khan talks about the UN Genocide Convention 


2019-01-04 Global News: "The West Block" interviews RHRN about its year-end report card grading the government 

2018-12-28 CBC News: Canada needs to do more in 2019 to help the Rohingya: report card by RHRN

2018-11-22 Parliamentary Subcommittee on International Human Rights: Présentation par RDPR

2018-11-18 CTV News: RHRN response to the possible repatriation of Rohingya refugees

2018-10-31 Senate Human Rights Committee: Presentation by the RHRN/RDPR

2018-10-02 at the Parliament of Canada: RHRN reactions to the revocation of Suu Kyi's hon. citizenship

2018-09-30 Global News: Is Canada doing enough to help the targeted Muslim minority? RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-27 Globe and Mail: Commons passes motion to strip Suu Kyi’s citizenship. RHRN interviewed

2018-09-27 CTV: MPs vote to revoke Aung San Suu Kyi's honorary Canadian citizenship. RHRN interviewed

2018-09-27 CTV National: MPs vote to revoke San Suu Kyi's Canadian citizenship, RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-27 CBC Winnipeg: Human rights museum considering fate of Suu Kyi portrait. RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-27 CBC Radio Winnipeg: RHRN Interview on Canadian Museum of Human Rights event.

2018-09-26 Globe & Mail: Trudeau says he is open to reconsidering Suu Kyi’s citizenship. RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-26 CBC National: Trudeau says Parl could review Aung San Suu Kyi's citizenship. RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-21 Globe & Mail: House of Commons declares treatment of Rohingya a genocide. RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-21 CBC National: MPs unanimously declare Myanmar crackdown on Rohingya a 'genocide' . RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-21 – CTV's National: Rohingya genocide motion passed by Canada's House of Commons . RHRN interviewed.  

2018-09-20 Globe and Mail: House of Commons declares genocide. RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-20 CTV National: Rohingya crisis declared genocide, MPs unanimously agree. RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-20 CTV National: Canada recognizes violence against Rohingya as genocide. RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-17 Globe and Mail: Experts, advocates call on Trudeau to declare Rohingya crisis genocide. RHRN interviewed.

2018-09-17 Parliamentary Press Conference (Part 1): Open Letter to the Prime Minister signed by 120+ professors. RHRN interviewed. 

2018-09-17 Parliamentary Press Conference (Part 1): Open Letter to the Prime Minister signed by 120+ professors. RHRN interviewed. 

2018-08-27 – CTV News Channel interviews on the UN Report on the Rohingya genocide. RHRN interviewed.  

2018-08-27 – CBC News Channel on the release of the UN report into atrocities against the Rohingya. RHRN interviewed.  

2018-08-26 CRRIC Winnipeg: Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day in Winnipeg. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-25 MuslimLink Montreal: Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day in Montreal. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-25 MuslimLink Halifax: Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day in Halifax. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-25 MuslimLink Calgary: Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day in Calgary. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-25 CTV Kitchener: Kitchener rally for Rohingya Muslims on 'genocide day'. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-25 CBC Regina: Regina protesters call for end to killing and torture in Myanmar. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-25 CBC Ottawa: Parliament Hill rally demands attacks on Rohingya be declared genocide. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-25 CBC New Brunswick: Fredericton residents rally to 'stop the genocide'. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-24 Global News Vancouver: Could the world have done more to stop the Rohingya crisis. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-01 Ici Radio-Canada Manitoba: Aung San Suu Kyi retirée d'une exposition. RHRN interviewed.

2018-08-01 CBC Manitoba: Suu Kyi to be removed from museum exhibit following criticism. RHRN interviewed.

2018-07-20 CBC New Brunswick: Bangladeshi community trying to open western eyes to Rohingya. RHRN interviewed.

2018-06-20 The Concordian: Canada's Response to the Rohingya Crisis: What is Missing? RHRN interviewed.

2018-06-15 Ottawa Citizen: Another reason for national pride.RHRN interviewed.

2018-06-10 The Toronto Star Opinion: G7 leaders must take action on Burma. RHRN interviewed.

2018-06-08 Le Soleil: G7 - quelques minutes d'attention pour les Rohingyas? RDPR interviewé.

2018-06-08 Le Journal des Alternatives: Les Rohingyas pourront-ils avoir quelques minutes au sommet du G7? RDPR interviewé.

2018-05-24 Radio Canada interview: la stratégie canadienne pour les Rohingya. RDPR interviewé.

2018-04-17 Muslimlink Ottawa: SNMC Friday night lectures with Latif and Raiss on Rohingya. RDPR interviewé.

2018-04-16 – CBC News human rights and aid agencies discuss the Bob Rae report. RHRN interviewed. 

2018-04-05 CBC Saskatoon: the Rohingya humanitarian crisis

2018-04-05 Global News: report on the Rohingya by Bob Rae and reaction from the Rohingya Human Rights Network. 

2018-04-05 – AMI Radio Canada discusses the Bob Rae report with Rohingya Human Rights Network.  

2018-04-03 Bob Rae says Canada should consider refugee status for Rohingya. RHRN interviewed.

2018-03-01 The Hill Times: Wilfert portrays Myanmar in gentle terms. RHRN interviewed.

2018-02-28 Amnesty International Saskatoon: Stop killing Rohingya. RHRN interviewed.

2018-02-16 iPolitics: Canada imposes sanctions on Myanmar general. RHRN interviewed.

2018-02-10 Give us 50 women. Interview done by RHRN.

2018-01-31 CBC Radio interview: Rohingya Ottawan from RHRN returns from the refugee camps.

2018-01-08 Burma Task Force: I will hold you accountable. Interview by RHRN.

2017-12-30 The Chronicle Herald Halifax: Rohingya refugees - Nova Scotians can help allay their misery.  RHRN writes.

2017-12-04 CBC Radio interview: Rohingya Ottawan from RHRN departs for the refugee camps.

2017-11-30 – CTV News RHRN reaction to the Pope's visit to Myanmar

2017-11-27 Thinkpol Vancouver: Vancouverites urge Ottawa to do more for Rohingya refugees. RHRN interviewed.

2017-11-23 Charlatan: Activists challenge Myanmar leader's doctorate. RHRN interviewed.

2017-11-23 CBC Winnipeg: CMHR faces calls to remove Myanmar leader Suu Kyi from exhibit. RHRN interviewed.

2017-11-20 MIGS: The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar - part 2. RHRN writes.

2017-11-20 MIGS: The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar - part 1. RHRN writes.

2017-11-20 CBC Vancouver: Crisis in Myanmar is genocide, says local Rohingya Muslim. RHRN interviewed.

2017-11-10 CTV's "Power Play" : meeting between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Aung San Suu Kyi. RHRN interviewed.  

2017-11-09 Vancouver Courier: Vancouver women raise thousands for Rohingya refugees. RHRN interviewed.

2017-11-08 The Manitoban: Amnesty event illuminates Rohingya persecution. RHRN interviewed.

2017-11-02 UQAM-MIGS: La crise des Rohingyas expliqueé. RDPR interviewé.

2017-11-01 Human Rights Hub Winnipeg: End ethnic cleansing in Myanmar - Amnesty International. RHRN interviewed.

2017-10-30 The Chronicle Hearld Halifax: RHRN protest targets "crimes of genocide" against the Rohingyas

2017-10-29 Muslim Link Calgary: Genocide in Myanmar, day of solidarity with the Rohingya by RHRN.

2017-10-29 Global News Halifax: RHRN organized dozens gather in Halifax to raise awareness about Rohingya crisis.

2017-10-27 Winnipeg Free Press: Former refugees with RHRN speak on Myanmar violence against Rohingya.

2017-10-26 CBC Ottawa: Sanctions needed agains Myanmar says local Rohingya man. RHRN interviewed.

2017-10-25 The Weal Calgary: Rohingya fleeing Myanmar. RHRN interviewed.

2017-10-23 – CTV News: appointment of Bob Rae as Special Envoy to Myanmar. RHRN interviewed.  

2017-10-20 Radio Canada: Diasporas - des milliers de Rohingyas continuent à fuir le Myanmar. RDPR interviewé.

2017-10-17 – Parliament Hill media conference by RHRN to present the petition to strip Aung San Suu Ky's hon. Canadian citizenship.  

2017-10-17 – CTV News : petition to revoke Aung San Suu Kyi's honourary Canadian citizenship.  RHRN interviewed.  

2017-10-17 – 1310AM News Radio Ottawa : presentation of the Rohingya petition in Parliament. RHRN interviewed.  

2017-10-16 – Vancouver’s 98.3FM Roundhouse Radio morning : Rohingya petition to the Canadian government. RHRN interviewed.  

2017-10-03 Carleton Radio: RHRN interview with CKCU-FM

2017-10-02 Symage Media: Activists call for action. RHRN interviewed.

2017-10-01 Metro Winnipeg: Winnipeg rallies for Burma. RHRN interviewed.

2017-10-01 Global News: Demonstrators demand government take action. RHRN interviewed.

2017-09-28 CTV National: Candlelight vigil on Hill for Rohingya minority. RHRN interviewed.

2017-09-25 CTV Ottawa: Candlelight vigil on Hill for Rohingya minority. RHRN interviewed.

2017-09-17 The Concordian: Montrealers march to condemn persecution of Rohingya in Myanmar. RHRN interviewed.

2017-09-17 Radio Canada: La mobilisation se poursuit à Ottawa contre les violences au Myanmar. RHRN interviewed.

2017-09-17 Metro Ottawa: A new level of brutality. RHRN interviewed.

2017-09-17 Globe and Mail: Protesters call for Canada to revoke Aung San Suu Kyi's citizenship. RHRN interviewed.

2017-09-16 Global News: Montrealers protest violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. RHRN interviewed.

2017-09-13 Muslim Link Vancouver: Vancouver-Based Rohingya Canadian Crowdfunding to Help. RHRN interviewed.

2017-09-12 CBC's "The National" petition to strip Aung San Suu Kyi of her honourary Canadian citizenship. RHRN interviewed.  

2017-09-10 Radio Canada: Des manifestants dénoncent à Ottawa la violence contre les Rohingyas. RDPR interviewé.

2017-09-10 CBC Ottawa: Hundreds decry violence against Rohingya Muslims at Ottawa protest. RHRN interviewed.